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Companies / Corporate

all you need to know when opening a business in thailand

Company Law & Intellectual Property

Company Registrations

Doing business in Thailand, you have the choice over what type of business organization to establish- a Thai partnership or a Thai limited company or partnership.
Thanee Law attorneys/solicitors can take care of the legal points of setting up your business thereby making sure that all the necessary requirements are met.

Investment and Capital Structure

Thanee Law analyzes business resources to help you start, manage and grow your business.
Business plans, marketing tips, computer knowledge, hiring strategies, etc.

Compliance & Company Administration

Thanee Law in cooperation with Nalinee Accounting are a specialist accounting firm that focuses on professional management accounting for small and medium businesses in Thailand. They provide clear, concise and timely monthly accounts and payroll for customers, a complete service in payables, receivables, bank liaison, cheque writing, tax submissions, budgets, forecasting, due diligence-all the normal functions of an inhouse Finance and Accounts Department, to International Standards.

Shareholder Agreements

Thai companies with foreign participation and control in Thailand are often set up as majority Thai owned companies to be classified as Thai companies and not to be restricted by foreign ownership or foreign business restrictions in Thailand.
Thanee Law can help you understand Shareholders Agreements in details.

Foreign Business Registrations

The Foreign Business Act (FBA) is the main legislation that regulates ownership of businesses by foreigners. It regulates 43 specified categories of business activity grouped into three Schedules. The ownership restrictions are different and depend on the schedule in which the business is listed.
Thanee Law can take you through a registration of a foreign business in Thailand, and help you understand what you are entitled to do and what you are not.

General Corporate Consulting

Thanee Law executive firm provides professional search services both regionally and nationally for various levels of positions and associated compensation ranges, taking your company to the next level of professional performance.

Trademark Registrations

Thanee Law are Thailand’s foremost specialists in the registration, protection and management of trademarks, service marks, collective marks and certification marks. We are dedicated intellectual property specialists in the field of trademarks, service marks, collective marks and certification marks with years of practical business experience in Thailand: Trademark Search, Trademark Registration, Oppositions, Appeals & Cancellation, Licensing, Translation, Counterfeited Goods Elimination Programs.

Infringement Challenges

Thailand’s IP laws have come under increased scrutiny as the country pushes to overcome its long-held reputation as a haven for counterfeiting and piracy. Thanee Law can help present your case to the Supreme Court for claims of invalidating unregistered trademark licensing.


A license is required in order to import food into Thailand. A licensed importer may import various kinds of food providing that they are approved by the Thai FDA. The designated storage or warehouse has to be inspected and approved by the Thai FDA before a license is issued. An importation license is to be renewed every three years as well.
Thanee Law can take you through the process of licensing import goods in Thailand.


Since Thailand joined the World Trade Organization (WTO), it has abided by the enforcement of intellectual property under the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs). Thanee Law will cover all aspects of registering a copyright and enforcing it in Thailand.

Trade Secrets Protection and Compliance

The goal of a Thanee Law Protection Policy is to make it difficult, or impossible, for your competitors to obtain access to your trade secrets by educating your employees about your Trade Secret Protection Policy and monitor their compliance.

Confidentiality Agreements and Related Issues

A confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement is crucial for an inventor or any other party who needs to protect confidential information. As the importance of the confidential information increases, so does the relative complexity of the Agreement.
Thanee Law will help you draft the basic elements of a non-disclosure agreement.